Do I have to perform in the Open Air Concert?

While the Open Air Concert is the centerpiece of every Project Dance Event, you do not have to perform a dance piece.  We do offer something called the Group Dance that is taught to all the dancers on the first day of the event.  Then, we perform it as a large group during the Open Air Concert.  This works well for dancers who are attending as an individual and not with a company.  They still get to perform onstage and enjoy this wonderful event.

Is there a pro-rated fee for partial participation?

We do not offer a rate for a Project Dance event other than the standard registration fee.  Our event is best appreciated by attending all events throughout the weekend.  If you have a scheduling conflict and cannot attend all events, you may still register.

I can’t afford the registration fee; may I still attend a Project Dance Event?

We offer a participant sponsorship form that allows dancers to raise the needed funds for registration.  You may request a form by writing us at info@projectdance.com

Can I perform a solo?

Solos have been performed at Project Dance Events, however, we are usually inclined to reserve solos for the dancers who are advanced professional level dancers.  Keep in mind that we do offer the group dance which allows everyone attending to be a part.

Are participants allowed to sing live during a dance submitted for Saturday?

Yes, however, it must go through the same approval as a dance piece.  Keep in mind that not every city has the same microphone capability.

What if a director emails saying they will not be able to register by the Early Bird Deadline but wants to register after?

Dancers may register after the deadline; however, we need some important information ASAP. (Ex: number of dancers/number of dance pieces). Usually once the deadline has been reached, we begin purchasing the needed complimentary T-Shirts and packing up Goody Bags.  We also put the show order together.  We will do our best to accommodate late comers and we appreciate your patience.  We t the show order together We also put the show order together after the deadline.  Bd we begin purchasing the needed T-

What kinds of dances/costumes/music are appropriate for a Project Dance Event?

Our Open Air Dance Concert is a family-friendly, free to the public dance concert featuring various styles of dance.  We encourage selections that speak a message of hope and healing.  Audiences love upbeat, fun, humorous routines as well as heart-felt dramatic offering.  Costuming and music should be acceptable for all ages.

How will I know that our dance got accepted?

During the registration process we ask dancers to submit their work for approval.  While this is not an audition, we do reserve the right to make suggestions in the area of costuming, content and music selection.  You will be welcomed to attend our event.  A stage manager may contact you to discuss concerns or questions regarding the dance pieces that have been submitted.

May our company submit more than one dance piece for the Open Air Dance Concert?

Yes, in many cases we are able to honor 3-5 dance pieces submitted by each company.  While we only guarantee 1 per group, due to the variables surrounding our outdoor events, we do our best to get you up on stage as much as possible.  The key is to create 1 dance that includes ALL of your company dancers.  Choose this as your 1st choice on the registration information.  This will ensure that everyone performs at least once.

I’m bringing 3 different companies from my studio, should I try to put them all in 1 dance piece since we represent the same company

No, you may submit 1 dance piece for each of your 3 separate companies.  We recognize that you have dancers attending who are different ages or levels and we are happy to honor the structure you already have in place.  List other dances that you would like to do in addition and we will try to accommodate all requests.  And, please make sure we have the 3 different company names rather than the overall studio name.  This helps us when scheduling our show

May I use props?

Yes and No!  Props may be used if you provide all needed.  We cannot guarantee storage throughout the day for props.  And, there is no time between dances, therefore, your props will not be given time in order to preset or strike.  Please do not ask our staff to purchase props for your dance pieces.  Once you arrive to a city, research the best place for you to purchase needed props.