Event Details

What Happens at Project Dance?


Check-in: Participating dancers arrive at Project Dance where they meet the staff and finalize their weekend activities including signing up for master dance classes and reviewing performance notes.  Official Project Dance merchandise will be displayed and each dancer will receive their complimentary goody bag and event T-shirt.

Group Dance: Dancers learn the group dance which will be performed throughout our Open Air Dance Concert.  This is a great opportunity to learn a dance and perform it the next day and it allows all participating dancers to meet and share the dance floor.

Industry Expo: Dancers mingle with one another as well as leading choreographers, dance directors and area professionals who offer future opportunities to attending dancers. Building community is a cornerstone of Project Dance’s commitment to see dancers capture their next opportunity in the ever-changing world of dance.

Dinner: Dancers are free to enjoy a quick local dinner before returning for Project Dance Live.

Project Dance Live: Kicking off every Project Dance event is Project Dance Live. Area professional companies perform their latest works, top dance artists are interviewed throughout the evening, and all questions are answered about the remainder of the weekend’s events. Participants enjoy music, dance, free give-aways, and gain wisdom from those dancers who are out there making a career of dance.

Worship Concert (optional): A favorite among the activities at a Project Dance event is our Worship Concert.  This event is geared for the dancer who desires to connect their faith and dance.   Attendees enjoy singing and dancing together as all prepare for the Open Air Dance Concert and the remaining weekend events.


Open Air Dance Concert: The centerpiece of every Project Dance event is our Open Air Dance Concert.  Historically, we have taken dance out of the studios and theaters and onto the streets, making dance accessible to anyone and everyone.  We desire to use this family- friendly concert to bring hope and healing to hearts through the universal language of dance. Jazz, modern, ballet, tap, hip-hop, acrobatics, lyrical, ballroom, and swing have all graced our stages.  Every style is welcome and what unites dancers who gather for Project Dance is the desire to dance with integrity to inspire.  Dance has a way of reaching our innermost being and the pieces presented often reflect that understanding.


Leader’s Dinner: Following the dance concert, leaders are invited to attend a casual dinner. This gives area leaders an opportunity to meet and further discuss the future of dance in their unique city. Participating dancers enjoy a free evening.



Morning Inspiration (optional): What better way to begin a Sunday morning than with a little inspiration? This gathering features a key note message by one of our Project Dance leaders along with inspirational songs and encouraging stories.  The purpose of this time together is to unify as a group and deepen our calling as dancers and people of faith.


Master Dance Classes: Training is the central discipline of every dancer. Project Dance values and supports training that allows any level of dancer to stretch and grow their talents. We are always excited about our teaching staff which include professionals from Broadway, The Radio City Rockettes, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Martha Graham Dance Company, So You Think You Can Dance, just to name a few. Project Dance is committed to bringing its dancers the very best training from people who teach from a place of respect and excellence.


Final Group Photo and Closing Thank you:  Immediately following the last scheduled event for the weekend, all participating dancers will gather for a group photo.  This is our chance to say goodbye to each of you and thank you for a wonderful weekend together.


For more information or to ask specific questions please email us at info@projectdance.com Thank you!